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Ask for clarification or more information about what you’ve read here such as,

  • Fiber rich foods as they relate to other health and healing issues (such as, colon cancer)
  • GMO foods as they relate to other health issues (such as the allergenicity of GM foods)
  • More about "leaky gut" and its association with autoimmune disorders (MS, Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease)

Ask other related questions such as,

  • What about natural remedies for gout?  Are there natural healing options using food and nutrition for gout?
  • What about natural remedies for anxiety?  Are there natural healing options using food and nutrition for anxiety?
  • Are there pre diabetes symptoms?  What about pre diabetes and diet?

Education, Experience, Passion... but no Editor!

As a Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in nutrition, a focus in integrative and functional medicine based nutrition therapy as well my own personal health struggles, I feel confident that I have some good knowledge to share.

But, I don't have an editor reviewing my articles! So, if you have questions or need clarification about something I've written... please ask!  I'm working hard on other topics too, but if you have a related question about a topic that I haven't covered yet... please ask!  Although I can't offer personalized medical nutrition therapy online, I can provide good resources, science-based general guidelines and general thoughts to point you in the right direction.

I do hope that you find the answers and resources that you were searching for through my website. Your questions will not only add value, but help other visitors with similar questions who are searching for answers in their quest for natural healing options.

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Do you have a question about using food and nutrition for natural healing? Do you have a question or need clarification about what you've read on my website?

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*Please note my personal limitations:
I am not a medical doctor.
I cannot give out personal medical nutrition therapy advice online.
I do not comment on any questions privately or through your personal email. All approved submissions (questions) and my corresponding answers will be posted on this site.

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